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AgroServ: Creating the future of agriculture


AgroServ is a five-year long EU-funded project (2022-27) with a mission to support research and innovation in the field of agriculture and agroecology. We aim to address the complex challenges faced by agricultural systems, including the need to sustainably feed a growing global population, combat climate change, preserve natural resources, and enhance biodiversity. 

To do that we offer a wide range of research services, from the molecular to the societal level, and create new links and collaboration between different stakeholders within the sector, such as farmers, the industry and policymakers. 

AgroServ enables researchers from academia and industry and all practitioners who are interested in doing research in agroecology to access installations and services across Europe. Our focus is on supporting research in sustainable and resilient agriculture, emphasizing the 'one health' approach.

The unique contribution of AgroServ comes from the high inclusiveness of research infrastructures, within the agroecological sector. A total of 73 partners comes together, offering a total of 143 Research Services. This wide offer of services is easily accessible through a common portal. 

The results and methods will be useful for many to evaluate the right approach to environmental threats when making evidence-based decisions. 

The transdisciplinary TA/VA project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme. It encourages the cross-fertilisation of knowledge in a variety of fields such as agricultural sciences, natural sciences, biological sciences, ecology, forestry, fisheries and agronomy.

Please note: AgroServ does not provide salary or stipend support.



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