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Technical terms

An organisation enabling the research community to use specific installations, resources, and services to conduct research and foster innovation in their fields of expertise.

A programme that allows third party researchers from a foreign institution to access an organisation’s research facilities and services.

A facility required for the implementation of a specific service: experimentation, data analysis etc.

** User: a researcher or any other individual granted access to use the research services within a user group, including the user group leader.

** User Group: a research group of one or more researchers and other individuals that is given access to the installation/service under the project.

** User Group Leader: the principal researcher leading the user group and who submits the application for Transnational Access. 

** Access Manager: manager of access and service provision in a research infrastructure.

** Access Provider: manager of a specific installation or service within an organisation that is a member of a research infrastructure.

A document that describes the ways in which data is collected, generated and/or processed throughout the lifespan of a research project.