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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a number of frequently asked questions about our calls for proposals and applications on this page. Please read them carefully. For more information and queries, you can reach out to our central access manager (see contact details below). For general information about the project, please refer to our contact details on our homepage. 

Yes, access is also open to researchers from other countries but to a limited extent: 20% of the total available capacity.

The AgroServ portal provides a comprehensive service catalogue. You can use advanced search options, filtering, and visualisation functionalities to find services and resources that match your research requirements. Some of the scientific domains covered include: 

** Agricultural Sciences 
** Natural Sciences 
** Biological and Medical Sciences 
** Medical and Health Sciences 
** Microbiology 
** Chemistry and Material Sciences 
** Earth and Environmental Sciences 
** Engineering and Technologies 
** Information Science and Technology 
** Humanities 
** Social Sciences

Browse the catalogue of services

AgroServ covers a wide range of services and resources for agricultural research. If your research involves disciplines related to agriculture, plant sciences, or similar fields, and if you want to address interdisciplinary topics related to agroecology, then it's likely within the scope of the project. Browse the detailed service descriptions to see if they align with your research needs.

Browse the catalogue of services

To apply for access, you need to read our “Application Procedure” page carefully. Then, you need to visit the AgroServ Catalogue of Services 

The application portal will be re-opened and accessible during the next call. 

Follow the Appplication Guidelines to fill out the application form and submit the required documents. Make sure to respect the deadlines and eligibility criteria before submitting your application.

You can apply for multiple services and resources that align with your research. However, you need to detail how each service contributes to your research project in your application.

Applications undergo a thorough evaluation process based on the project's scientific quality, alignment with the infrastructure, and feasibility. The evaluation committee assesses each application to ensure fair selection. Learn more

If your application is successful, you will receive a notification with further instructions to follow. You'll be provided with access details, scheduling information, and any necessary training or orientation sessions before you start using the requested services and resources.

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