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Editorial information

Publications director:
Michel Boer, AnaEE and AgroServ General Manager.

Editorial manager:
Michel Boer, AnaEE and AgroServ General Manager.

Florent Massol and David Ponsard, CEREEP-Ecotron IdF UAR 3194.
The AgroServ Communications Officer

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ISIA team, CEREEP-Ecotron IdF UAR 3194 for AgroServ network
11, Chemin de Busseau
77140 St-Pierre-lès-Nemours
Tél. +33 (0)4 57 42 13 13


Website contents

The AgroServ project provides this information for guidance purposes only, and makes every effort to ensure it is true and up-to-date. That said, no guarantee can be made as to the accuracy, clarity, relevance or exhaustiveness of the information displayed on the website.

Consequently, and unless there is a major, deliberate error on its part, the AgroServ project shall not be held liable for any loss resulting, in particular, from unclear or inaccurate information displayed on its website or for any other damage caused by a third party's fraudulent access to our website with the intention of undermining the project's image or interest, particularly by distorting the information listed on the website.

The project may not be held liable for any damage or virus that may damage your computer device or render it unusable following a visit to our website, despite the security measures in place.


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Only copies for private, non-commercial use are authorised as long as the following three conditions are met :

** Free distribution;
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** The source is mentioned clearly and legibly (URL of the original document on the website) with the following indication: © AgroServ Project – Rights reserved.

Requests for reproductions in any format are to be sent to :

ISIA team, CEREEP-Ecotron IdF UAR 3194 for AgroServ network
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77140 St-Pierre-lès-Nemours
Tél. +33 (0)4 57 42 13 13


AgroServ Project
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Personal data protection

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When you browse this website, each click on a link corresponds to an order sent to the web server. These procedures are sent to and stored in a log file. A log file is only used to ensure the system is working properly or to look for the source of attempts to compromise the website, pursuant to the legislation in force.

You are entitled to access, correct and delete personal data by contacting :

ISIA team, CEREEP-Ecotron IdF UAR 3194 for AgroServ network
11, Chemin de Busseau
77140 St-Pierre-lès-Nemours
Tél. +33 (0)4 57 42 13 13

The freedom to access personal data contained on this website (directory) does not grant the freedom to collect or use such data.


To help improve the services we provide you with, we keep track of the number of pages seen, number of visits and visitors' activity on the website, as well as how often they return to it.

Links and creating links

The AgroServ website allows hyperlinks to be set up that direct Internet users to its content, as long as:

** No elements of the website are used within another website through inclusion, framing, inlining or other such processes.
** There is no deep linking to graphic, multimedia or animated content (in jpeg, gif or other format) or any other text document (in txt, doc, rtf, pdf or other format), regardless of whether they can be downloaded or not.
** The link tag mentions "AgroServ Project".

This authorisation does not extend to websites containing illegal, violent, controversial, pornographic or xenophobic information or material which may offend the public at large.

The CEREEP-Ecotron IdF has inserted a number of hyperlinks on its own website to allow easier access to other websites likely to provide further information. But for all that, it may not be held liable for a website displaying contentious or inaccurate content which a user may have accessed from our website.


The AgroServ website and its content have been designed in line with the rules applicable in France, even though they can be accessed by other English-speaking users. 



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