Bari Workshop 2024

Workshop: "Research Infrastructures Towards Agroecological Transition"

News 3 Jun, 2024 Agroserv
Workshop Focus:

As part of the AgroServ project and the goals of Work Package 5, the workshop will delve into three critical topics into 3 Working Sessions:

  1. Transdisciplinarity in research
  2. Global standards for assessing and evaluating AE transition.
  3. The role of Research Infrastructures in Agroecological transition and their collaboration with Living Labs.

See the full agenda at this link (accessible to internal users only)


The workshop aims to facilitate active participation and discussion among approximately 40 participants from AgroServ's Research Infrastructures. The ultimate goal is to collectively draft a position paper or document on the identified themes.

3 reasons to join the Bari Workshop:
  1. Meet and discuss with key speakers from relevant agroecology projects (e.g. the Agroecology Partnership)
  2. Provide your insights and knowledge to draft a position paper document that will contribute shaping the future of the project
  3. Enjoy collaborating with other AgroServ colleagues and researchers in a stimulating environment.


We kindly request you to save the date and express your interest in participating by filling out this pre-registration form.

Please note that places are limited to 2-3 representatives per RI and each participant is required to cover all their expenses for the duration of the event.



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