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The next call for proposals will be launched in June 2024 - get prepared!

News 6 Mar, 2024 Webmaster

The application procedure to access our research facilities will now only be a one-step process.

Digest our guidelines now


In the Transnational Access programme (TNA), the AgroServ project enables researchers from academia and industry to use installations and services of its partners across Europe. Scientists can apply to use these services, to be used in basic and applied research questions related to sustainable and resilient agriculture and agroecological transition. The use of the services is granted through the submission of a research project, selected on the basis of scientific excellence. 

The call will open in June 2024 and the deadline is the 30th of September 2024.

How to apply

There are two main points to keep in mind if you want to submit your project to AgroServ:

  1. 1. Is your project interdisciplinary? Meaning - are you combining two or more scientific disciplines managed by two or more of AgroServ’s 12 Research Infrastructures?
  2. 2. TNA: Are the services you want to use transnational; meaning are they located abroad from where you are?

For Example, if you are a researcher in France, both of services you wish to use have to be located outside of your country of residence. (Exception: This rule does not apply to: international organisations, JRC, ERIC or other similar legal entities.)

Interested in the project? Here you can explore our Catalogue of Services.

Our general guidelines can be found: HERE. Read our full descriptoin on the application procedure before submitting your application: HERE.

This page covers: 

  • The eligibility criteria,

  • The evaluation and selection process,

  • The funding schemes and the reporting requirements,

  • The policy of publishing and disseminating the results of the research projects that were granted access to use the AgroServ research services (scientific publications, etc.).

Submit your full proposal via the ISIA portal (closed until june, deadline the 30th of September)

Applicants prepare a full proposal with the support of the research service or installation providers to ensure that the proposals are interdisciplinary in nature (involving different disciplines). The final proposal must include the following sections: 

  • A detailed description of the work plan and the expected output.

  • The Impact of the proposed TNA work in the context of agroecology-related studies (e.g. resilience & adaptation of agriculture and food systems, agroecological transitions).

  • Feasibility, ethical considerations etc.

After this your proposal will be reviewed by a panel of independent experts.

(Further details can be found on the application procedure page: HERE.)

Each applicant will be informed of the outcome of their proposal within 2 months after the submission deadline. 

In case the proposal is accepted, the successful applicant and the access service provider (the platform scientist) will directly negotiate the final details of the access implementation. The successful applicants are expected to be directly involved in carrying out the proposed work. The scientist will need to contact and work with the host institution to organise and implement the access to the research infrastructures providing the research services (dates of visit, travel and accommodation, etc.). Further information about funding can be found in the relevant section on our application procedure page. 


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